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"Our unique brand marketing experience has led Company Seven to become the most trusted video and sound production company in the Princeton, and the Central New Jersey area, offering the best value in the market.  "

over two decades of experience

Company Seven has over two decades of experience creating engaging content solutions, video production and photography for successful brand campaigns. 

We have created award-winning campaigns for some of America’s leading brands.

We work with you to understand your visitors. Your goals.  Our client list is an example of our ability and insight for proven results that are dynamic, interactive, focused and attract visitors engaging them to act, share and remember!

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"Don't tell me... Show Me"

"if you have sense of what you want to communicate, they can bring it to life across all content marketing.  Company Seven provide's a mastered ability to communicate a fantastic story visually in simple powerful ways"

“The Penske EDGE Event last week was incredible – thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to pull off the masterpiece of the event’s highlight reel. Company Seven did a wonderful job and went above and beyond to ensure their understanding of everything we were looking for to take the perfect shots." 

—  Andrea Rambacher, Learning & Development

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Crosswicks Creek Estate Winery -  Avventura Vineyard
Company Seven

Crosswicks Creek Estate Winery - Avventura Vineyard

ABOUT US The thought of a second career as a winemaker doesn’t seem so crazy, something you might daydream about to distract from the obligations of the moment. But, seriously…..a winery? While one of us had an agricultural background, having grown up in a small central Illinois farm town with a cornfield across the street, gaining the benefit of the experiences of an avid do-it-yourselfer and amateur winemaker father, an Italian immigrant grandfather, the former bartender in a depression-era speakeasy, who taught pruning of backyard grapevines and a mother who encouraged her sons to do anything they found interesting, as long as they gave their best effort. The other, a city girl raised in Boston, the first in her extended family to earn a doctorate, had no experience in agriculture whatsoever. And, it wasn’t that we wanted to put what we had learned in our scientific careers to good use, one of us as a molecular biologist with an early research focus on “the awesome power of yeast,” the other a world renowned investigator of the genetics of human taste perception. The crazy part was over 6 years ago when Beverly asked: “what would you think of starting a winery, ha, ha, ha?” But rather than laugh it off, muttering something like “just because we like wine doesn’t mean we know anything about making wine”, Mark said, “let me think about it”….and so our crazy adventure began. We started in 2016 with an 8 acre tract of hilly farmland next to a couple of attractive ponds and plans a-plenty for development of the inaugural block of our Avventura Vineyard, near Allentown, NJ The old adage, “great wines are made in the vineyard”, appears to be close to the truth. Over the past few seasons, we’ve been making small vintages using grapes produced by the young, robustly growing vines. What have we learned? That grapevines love the well-drained sandy loam soil of mid-south Jersey. That the famous vinifera of Italy, France and Austria as well as American hybrid varieties flourish in this climate, even if in some years, the remnants of hurricanes can “complicate” the harvest. That all the hard work, from dormant pruning in the cold of winter, planting in between the rains of spring, to shoot positioning, cluster thinning, and deleafing during tropical Jersey summers, occasionally precedes the cool nights and mornings of autumn that are ideal for harvesting beautifully ripe grapes with help from our friends and family. We like the wines, but it’s gratifying to know that a group of objective folks who love wine consider them to be well made. Our friends and family seem to like them as well! So, we’ll continue to refine our crafts, growing fragrant, flavorful grapes and turning them into wines that reflect the land, the climate and the winemaker’s skill. The Crosswicks Creek Estate Winery building is on the way. We hope to break ground in 2021. With luck, inspiration and more hard work, before not too much longer, we will be able to bring our wines to you, with our best wishes, and hopes that you will like them as much as we do. And the wines? We’re making good progress with small batches of wines made for personal consumption from the 19 varieties we’ve planted. Indeed, our 2019 Estate Riesling won a Gold Medal and was recognized as “Best in Show” white wine at the 2020 Winemaker Magazine amateur wine competition.
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Company Seven


We live in a "SHOW ME" world. No one has time to read the endless information daily. A visual story, not only is creditable, put is proven to have a 28% recall in a person's mind. People don't always buy the best product, they buy the product that is the easiest to understand, and how it benefits them. "Don't tell me what you do...SHOW-ME!" What clients say they like best about working with Company Seven, is our insight for Content Strategies - that are dynamic, interactive, focused and attract visitors inspiring them to act, share and remember. We have over three decades of an outstanding record of achievement for creating engaging content, video production and professional photography for successful brand campaigns used to increase business profit goals, optimize web presence and build brand loyalty. We love the work we do, the clients we work with and the amazing people we work alongside! ​ Lance Roman, key principal at Company Seven, has an outstanding record of achievement in developing successful ROI Internet business blueprints used to leverage technology, streamline logistics, increase business profit goals, optimize web presence and build creative brand strategy. He helps clients fast track and increase internet business with integration solutions that are dynamic, interactive, focused and connected to operations, business partners, key stakeholders, suppliers and employees. Additionally, he has lead business development for start to finish e-commerce solutions, including B2B and B2C custom web application development for high-profile clients that include: The New York Times, LG Electronics, Subaru, Verizon, BP Castrol, Novo Nordisk, and Conde Nast Publications (includes Golf Digest, House & Garden, Vanity Fair and Vogue). Roman is a founder partner and former Creative Director of Geraghty & Roman, a full-service advertising and sales promotion agency. In ten years, Roman led business development growth from one account to an impressive portfolio and 6.2 Million in annual billings. In addition, Roman was accountable for acquiring new clients including: Sunshine, Keebler. M&M Mars, Sunoco, Aplus Mini Marts, NJ Cure, Marvel / Fleer Comics, AT&T, Warner-Lambert, Alpo, Tyco Toys, Mattel, Mettler-Toledo, Gillette, Philips Lighting, Johnson & Johnson and Quaker Foods. He has created and launched award-winning campaigns for some of America’s leading brands, which have appeared in major award shows, including The Art Director’s Club of New York, New Jersey Art Director’s Awards, CAMA, One Show, and the SPIRAL Awards.
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